High school


At Lac Hong Bilingual School, we highly value integrity and respect for others. This fosters a learning environment where students strive to become responsible global citizens. Our ongoing mission is to continuously enhance education quality so that each student can develop holistically and become independent, contributing to a new generation of leaders.


Adherence to the general education curriculum issued by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training

At LHBS, our high school program adheres to Vietnamese national curriculum standards (Grades 10-12). We go beyond these standards by enriching and strengthening core lecture content, ensuring a comprehensive and deep understanding. To further support your future goals, we offer specialized classes for major exploration and university entrance exam preparation.

Simultaneously, LHBS empowers students with early career guidance. Tailored to individual strengths and the ever-evolving needs of society, this guidance equips them to navigate the transition to university life and beyond.

Bilingual education framework

Our students will study with the Complete IELTS and Bridge to IELTS textbooks. The bilingual framework is specially designed to help students elevate communication and academic prowess in English, catering to their ambitions for esteemed English certifications, admission to prestigious domestic and international universities, and applying for study abroad scholarship programs. 

Fueling bilingual excellence, our online platform, English Central 24/24, continuously evolves with a focus on Listening and Speaking skills. This ensures students in our bilingual program reach peak proficiency for TOEFL iBT and IELTS exams.

Life Skills Program

Beyond academics, our program cultivates essential soft skills, adaptability, and practical life skills. These empower students to foster self-respect, respect for others, and maintain a positive, confident, yet humble attitude.

Extracurricular activities play a pivotal role in developing students’ leadership roles in school and club activities. These forges confident, professional, and resilient individuals, ready to shine in scholarship interviews and cultural exchanges, leaving a lasting impression on the world.

Secondary school students can also participate in clubs to unleash their talents or pursue their own passions and interests. These clubs serve as a hub for all LHBS students sharing similar interests, coordinated by our experts and excellent teachers. There’s something for everyone: from life skills to sports, arts, and so on.

STEM Education

Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses are designed for secondary school students to apply what they have learned in thematic projects. This nurtures curiosity, observation, resourcefulness, and creativity in students.

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