High school


At Lac Hong Bilingual School, we act with honesty and treat others with respect, learning together to become responsible global citizens with the goal of always improving the quality of education. creating a comprehensive development for each student of the school, creating a spirit of independence, creating a new generation of students who can become leaders.


Knowledge standard training program of Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training

The program follows Vietnamese knowledge standards (Grade 10 – Grade 12) to consolidate and develop key content to ensure general, basic, and comprehensive knowledge standards. In addition, the school combines fostering classes create resources and prepare for university exams.

At the same time, they will also receive early career orientation to prepare for the stage of entering university in accordance with their own abilities and meet the human resource needs of society.

Bilingual Program

Students learn through the Complete Ielts and Bridge to Ielts curriculum. The program is specifically designed to help students improve their communication and academic skills in English; Meet the aspirations of taking prestigious English certificates, meet the entrance requirements to study at international universities at home and abroad, as well as apply for study abroad scholarship programs.

The English Central 24/24 online learning program continues to develop, focusing on Listening – Speaking skills to help students in Bilingual classes maximize their skills for the TOEFL ibt and IELTS certification exams.

Life skills program:

Students are equipped with and accumulate soft skills, adaptive skills and life skills to be aware of respecting themselves, respecting others and always having a positive, confident and humble attitude.

Extracurricular activities help you develop your capacity and personality in leadership roles and team leaders in group and team activities at school. Create confidence, professionalism, and bravery to present yourself in interviews for scholarships to study abroad and cultural exchanges with other countries.

High school students can join clubs to develop their talents or pursue their own passions and interests. The club is a place for all LHBS students to share the same passion under the coordination of experts and good teachers. Clubs spread across many fields such as Skills, Sports, Arts, Fine Arts,…

STEM education

STEM subjects stand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths for high school students, helping students know how to apply what they have learned into projects. by topic, nurturing children’s curiosity and discovery, while practicing observation, ingenuity, and creativity skills.

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