In today’s world, Personal Financial Management is one of the essential skills that, when cultivated from a young age, equips children with the tools to navigate personal finances responsibly, make informed decisions, and plan for a secure future. Recognizing the crucial role of Personal Financial Management, Lac Hong Bilingual School has taken the initiative to integrate this subject into our curriculum, from primary to high school grades. 

To equip our teachers across all grades with the expertise to deliver impactful personal financial management and business–entrepreneurship education, we partner with Junior Achievement Vietnam for regular training sessions. This allows our teachers to develop comprehensive syllabi tailored to each age group.

While ensuring a strong foundation in the fundamentals of finance and economics, our teachers go beyond rote learning as they create practical exercises and dynamic simulations. Students get the opportunity to tackle real-life challenges. The knowledge and skills acquired through our personal financial management classes empower students to navigate the complexities of adult life, setting them on the path to financial freedom and a fulfilling career.