Take a look at the facilities at Lac Hong Bilingual School

LHBS prioritizes student well-being and academic success by investing in modern and spacious classrooms, fostering a safe and professional learning environment. We dedicate significant space to vibrant greenery, outdoor sports facilities, and designated areas for extracurricular activities.

A. Classrooms

Our classrooms are designed with a modern and robust approach, boasting an average size of approximately 60 square meters. Well-lit and spacious, they comfortably accommodate 30-35 students. Our classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including interactive whiteboards (IWBs), a comprehensive campus-wide network, and climate-controlled environments with 2-way air conditioners. Additionally, student display shelves provide an opportunity for personalized expression, fostering a stimulating and dynamic learning environment. The flexible design of chairs and desks enables the arrangement of diverse seating configurations to optimize the learning experience for different teaching styles and content.



The Science Lab is outfitted with a diverse and dynamic array of teaching materials and tools meticulously tailored to the specific needs of each grade level. Our spacious Science Lab offers dedicated workspaces with desks featuring built-in power outlets, providing a practical and efficient environment for students to conduct experiments.

Phòng thí nghiệm trường Song ngữ Lạc Hồng

The science lab at Lac Hong Bilingual School

The STEM Classroom features a spacious layout and low-set tables, providing a dynamic learning environment ideal for creative exploration and group projects. Our robotics syllabus leverages Lego Education’s lesson plans, utilizing imported robotics kits from the United States. These kits are seamlessly integrated with a dedicated laptop system, ensuring seamless operation and maximizing student engagement during practical sessions.

The ICT Lab is fitted with modern desktop computers, fulfilling all hardware, software, and application requirements to optimize students’ learning experience and their academic efficiency.

Phòng Máy tính trường Song ngữ Lạc Hồng

The ICT lab at Lac Hong Bilingual School

The Music Room offers a variety of musical instruments such as guitars, Cajon drums, and flutes, providing invaluable support to our school’s music program. It serves as a vibrant hub for band practices, club activities, and performances by our talented student musicians.

Phòng Âm nhạc trường Song ngữ Lạc Hồng

The music room at Lac Hong Bilingual School

Ample glass windows bathe the Art Studio in natural light, offering inspiring outdoor views that ignite students’ creativity and fuel their artistic expression. The studios are well-stocked with art supplies, including paints, brushes, inks, aprons, and frames, ensuring students have everything they need to fully immerse themselves in each lesson’s theme. The finest student artwork is showcased in exhibitions throughout the school’s courtyard and hallways.

The Home Chef Classroom replicates the professional environment of a Master Chef kitchen, featuring dedicated cooking and washing facilities equipped with state-of-the-art appliances. The availability of modern equipment like induction hobs, ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators stocked with fresh ingredients and foods encourages students’ enthusiasm during classes.

The Dance Classroom is equipped with large glassless mirrors and sturdy wooden handrails, making it a favorite learning space for students passionate about this form of art.

The Martial Arts Classroom is outfitted with specialized mats, belts, gloves, and professional training equipment. This is a preferred space for many students passionate about martial arts.

The library is one of the most beloved spaces, brimming with a plethora of interesting books. Cozy reading nooks, low tables, inviting bean bags, and sun-drenched bookshelves by the windows create a haven for exploration and intellectual engagement. Our library hours are specifically designed to promote new book discovery, content sharing, and discussions about students’ favorite reads.

The library at Lac Hong Bilingual School

The Multipurpose Hall offers a flexible space for physical education classes, especially when the weather throws a curveball and outdoor activities are not an option. With ceiling lights and air conditioners, this hall can accommodate up to 700 people.  It’s a hub for thrilling competitions, from badminton smashes and primary school basketball slam dunks.

C. Dining hall

The dining halls are always kept sparkling clean with a system of secured doors and transparent plastic curtains to prevent insects. Equipped with a heated shelf system to banish cold lunches, dish-drying cabinets for pristine tableware, and well-arranged seatings for comfortable dining, the dining hall caters to both stomaches and senses. Parents can rest assured knowing their little ones are well-fed thanks to the weekly published menu designed based on children’s preferences and nutritional needs. 

1 trong 3 Nhà ăn trường Song ngữ Lạc Hồng
A dining hall at Lac Hong Bilingual School


SPORTS PLAYGROUND: Exciting matches come alive on our high-quality basketball and football courts, meticulously outfitted to meet the highest technical standards. No wonder it’s a magnet for sports enthusiasts! These courts aren’t just for practice; they are also the stage for epic tournaments during the school year for sports such as basketball, football, and martial arts performances as well as the place for reporting physical education progress every semester.

Sân bóng đá trường Song ngữ Lạc Hồng

Lac Hong Bilingual School’s football court

RECREATIONAL AREA: This playground bursts into life during Circle Time, break time, and dismissal, featuring safe and flexible playground equipment such as slides, seesaws, net ropes, and circular rotational swings, to name a few. The ground is lined with soft rubber mats for safety and comfort, ensuring children can play to their heart’s content. Lac Hong Bilingual School places great emphasis on investment and continuous improvement of facilities and equipment to create the best environment for the holistic development of our students.

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