Teaching Staff

At Lac Hong Bilingual School, our teaching staff lays the foundation for our high education quality.

We take great pride in our team of dedicated teachers – the backbone of our pedagogical success. From the very beginning, we’ve been committed to creating a 21st-century learning environment. This commitment shows in our focus on recruiting and training both domestic and international educators who are highly qualified, deeply dedicated, experienced, and passionate about exploring new teaching methods.

We hold dear the belief that a true educator shares knowledge with heartfelt dedication, reaching beyond the pages of textbooks. Those entrusted with the responsibility of guiding young minds are expected to embody the highest professional ethics and devote themselves wholeheartedly to the noble pursuit of education. The dedicated educators at Lac Hong Bilingual School are graduates of prestigious institutions such as Ho Chi Minh City University of Education and Hanoi University of Education, and many boast extensive teaching experience. Our international educators, graduates of top-ranked UK universities in the field of Education, bring their expertise in effective English language teaching for Vietnamese learners, honed through experience in diverse international schools.


But what truly sets our teachers apart is their unwavering spirit of innovation. In every lesson, our teachers are on a constant quest for innovative approaches, igniting the spark of creativity within their students.

Beyond our dedicated core faculty, LHBS regularly invites experienced guest lecturers from renowned public high schools, including Ngo Quyen, Tran Bien, and Nam Ha, to enrich our high school curriculum and university entrance exam preparation classes.

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