The teaching staff is an important factor in creating success in the training quality of Lac Hong Bilingual School.

One of the pride and confidence in the quality of education at Lac Hong Bilingual School is the school’s teaching staff. With the criteria of becoming a system with a 21st century learning environment, from the first days of establishment, the school has focused on selecting and training a team of domestic and foreign teachers with high professional qualifications. , dedicated, talented, experienced and always interested in exploring new horizons.

We believe that “The best teacher is the one who teaches with his heart, not with books”, a person who carries the responsibility of cultivating people must have professional ethics and always devote himself to teaching. teach. All teachers participating in teaching at Lac Hong Bilingual School graduated from Ho Chi Minh City Pedagogical University, Hanoi Pedagogical University,… or have teaching experience in many environments. .

Especially foreign teachers with a degree in Pedagogy, trained according to international standards at UK universities, with experience and effective methods of teaching English to Vietnamese people and experience. work in international environments.


However, creativity is the comparative advantage of school teachers compared to other schools. With each lesson, teachers constantly explore creative teaching methods as well as find ways to spark creativity in their own students.

In addition to a team of full-time teachers, the school invites teachers with many years of experience who are currently teaching at prestigious public schools such as Ngo Quyen, Tran Bien, Nam Ha to teach high schools and other students. University exam preparation class.

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