Questions and Answers about the curriculum


I. Tuition costs

LHBS’ tuition fees fall within the same range as most private schools in Bien Hoa City. While tuition is an important factor, it’s also crucial to consider the overall returns on investment students get from the school.

At Lac Hong Bilingual School:

          – Class sizes are capped at 28 students in Primary School, 29 in Secondary School, and 30-35 in High School.

          – We combine the best of both worlds: The rigorous standard education curriculum issued by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training and the internationally recognized Cambridge English program.

          – Enrichment courses to foster holistic development and equip students for life beyond academics: AI Robotics, Personal Financial Management, library activities, and skill sessions/clubs.

          – All classrooms are equipped with LED screen displays for presentation. Modern labs are available for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Technology, STEM, and AI Robotics.

           – Spacious playgrounds offer students a place to relax and recharge after study hours. Our varied facilities, including a swimming pool, basketball court, football field, volleyball court, and playgrounds, are designed to ignite students’ potential.

           – All student meals are prepared on-site by our school kitchen with quality ingredients and diverse nutrition in mind. Students enjoy hot, healthy meals that keep them energized throughout the day.

           – Each student has their own bed and sleeping bag. Resting areas are air-conditioned and well-ventilated.

Tuition payments can be made on a monthly, termly, or annual basis. Additionally, we offer financial support solutions for parents through installments via secure online platforms. Our installment plans are readily available without requiring any financial proof or bank loans.

Discounts for one-time payments: 3% for one term, 6% for one year.

Tuition and bus service fee discounts are available for students with (biological or legally adopted) siblings studying at LHBS: a 2% reduction on tuition fees for every child after the first.

Our field trips and excursions are experiential activities designed to help students apply classroom knowledge in real-world situations. Parents do not need to make any additional payments for these outings as they are already covered by the tuition.

Additional expenses at the beginning of the school year may include: school fees, AI coursebooks, and school uniforms (if parents choose to purchase them). 

Parents can learn more about these fees here:

Students whose parents have submitted a request for leave of absence through our school’s Me system and have been approved for at least 5 consecutive days will receive a refund for the full-day meal service fee during those days.

II. Education quality – Student management

a) Our teaching staff: 

Our teachers are highly qualified graduates from Universities of Education, with extensive teaching experience at various schools in the city, or guest lecturers with many years of experience at prestigious schools in the city.

We identify student needs early and provide personalized support through targeted tutoring to prevent knowledge gaps, help students overcome challenges, and build confidence.

b) Student learning outcomes:

– Graduation rate:

+ Proven success: 9 years of 100% high school graduation

+ Students’ average scores in all subjects surpass both national and provincial thresholds.

+ The highest scores at LHBS are consistently 8 or above. Many outstanding students score between 9.6 and 9.75.

To help students develop 5 key qualities and 10 core competencies, equipping them with 21st-century skills, our school has invested in our curriculum with new subjects, including:

– Artificial Intelligence and Robotics learning program: Developed by UBTech Group, exclusively available in Vietnam through IPPG Company. Working in groups, primary schoolers explore robot models to enhance their associative thinking and scientific knowledge, while students in higher grades learn how AI robots are leveraged in production. Additionally, students can learn to use components and devices for production, such as servos, LEDs, sensors, and controllers, contributing to their development of knowledge, critical thinking, and creativity. Lac Hong Bilingual School is the second institution to introduce this subject into the standard curriculum, following the pioneering implementation of the program at FPT High School on a national scale.

– Financial Literacy, Career Orientation, and Entrepreneurship Education programs from Junior Achievement for students from Primary to High School. These programs develop foundational knowledge, financial skills, and critical thinking to prepare students for global economic integration.

– Our school is committed to meeting the requirements of the 2018 General Education Program. To achieve this, we invest heavily in our facilities, teaching staff, learning materials, and experiential activities. These resources help our students to expand their knowledge and apply it in practice through participation in various activities.

– For kindergarten, we will continue to promote project-based learning activities. These activities aim to provide children with comprehensive knowledge and contextual intelligence, which helps them develop the necessary skills to explore the world and solve problems. Additionally, children will have the opportunity to create their own products.

– An English language program has been integrated with the new general education program, featuring higher quality requirements for teachers, teaching materials, and engaging activities to increase student motivation to learn.

LHBS uses the i-Learn Smart Start textbook series as required by the Ministry of Education and Training. In addition to these books, the program incorporates a wide range of international resources in Teaching English to Young Learners, such as:

– Macmillan’s Graded Readers for Young Learners are used in the Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R) program, a national celebration of reading.

– Resources from Cambridge’s Kid’s Box and Oxford’s Everybody Up are designed into learning activities for the classroom; 

– Famous works for young children by internationally acclaimed writers such as Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle, Rod Campbell, Mem Fox, and more.

– Reading A-Z, an online English learning program used by reputable international schools, and English Central – a 24/7 speaking and pronunciation training application.

These resources will be implemented in the new school year to achieve the following goals:

– Independent assessment standards with international relevance – Cambridge Young Learners Examinations (Starters for Grade 3, Movers for Grade 4, and Flyers for Grade 5)

– English learning is approached in the same way children acquire their mother tongue. This natural language acquisition process suits children’s psychological characteristics and learning styles, sparking their curiosity and motivation to learn.

– English is taught through various subjects such as mathematics, science, and others to keep the learning experience fun and diverse.

– English lessons focus on developing qualities and competencies to form positive habits and behaviors in children. In the 2023-2024 school year: Character Tree Program: Cultivating gratitude and a sense of responsibility in children.

– Throughout the year, English lessons extend beyond the classroom walls, with engaging events that provide ample opportunities for children to apply their English skills in real-life situations.

LHBS follows the Vietnamese educational philosophy of “Tien hoc le – Hau hoc van,” which essentially means manners come first. With this in mind, discipline is one of our first priorities We take student management seriously, and this commitment is reflected in our school policies and the way we deal with individual and collective merit points.

According to our school’s policies, when a student takes a day off, parents need to log into ME (communication portal between our school and parents) to request a leave of absence before 7:30 AM in the morning and before 1:30 PM in the afternoon. In case the leave of absence cannot be requested through ME (due to exceeding the specified hours), parents can make a request by calling the number 0251 3952 953 or sending a message on our school’s Zalo or Facebook page. Parents are required to submit a supplementary leave of absence request on the day the student returns to school.

– Via our electronic contact book on ME; Zalo, Facebook, Email, and our school’s hotline: 02513 952 953 – 02513 952 179

– Through homeroom teachers.

– At our regular and ad-hoc parent-teacher conferences.

Our school follows the national standard education curriculum outlined by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training, combined with international English textbooks, equipping students with sufficient knowledge and English skills for effective communication. Additionally, we offer preparatory classes for university entrance exams. Students who are determined and make efforts in their studies can certainly pass the entrance exams for any prestigious public university nationwide.

– Our school is Truly Bilingual in our pedagogical approach. Our students can communicate in English fluently, both inside and outside the classroom. Currently, we have yet to implement teaching each subject separately in English – a common practice in international schools. However, our English program integrates sciences, arts, and music to help students build a strong foundation of knowledge and language skills from the primary level.

– We offer a LHBS&ASI Dual High School Diplomas Program, allowing students to acquire two diplomas upon graduation: one from the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and another from the global education organization AdvancED. More information about the program can be found here:


Lac Hong Bilingual School offers bus services for students with designated pick-up points instead of door-to-door service. Parents can refer to the bus routes and fee details at:

Our full-day program is mandatory in order to uphold our education and quality management standards. Therefore, all students are required to have lunch and take their break on campus.

For primary grades: Students rest in their classrooms. We provide individual sleeping bags to make sure every child is comfortable.

For secondary and high school: Students rest in a separate residence area. Parents are required to prepare pillows and blankets for their children.

Our menu is updated weekly. Parents can see our menu on our website

or on ME, the communication portal between our school and parents.


At Lac Hong Bilingual Primary – Secondary – High School, the open admission period for the new academic year is typically around April. We also admit students for the second semester in December. Parents can register online by visiting or directly contact the admissions office at 02513 952 953 – 02513 952 179 for prompt consultation

– Grade 1 Admissions: Our primary grade teachers conduct a direct assessment to evaluate children’s critical thinking and language skills through age-appropriate IQ questions and their interaction with teachers.

* Admission scores: Based on the annual enrollment quota and meeting the standard total assessment score with no failing grade.

– Grade 6 Admissions: Admission is based on several criteria: results from Math, Vietnamese, and English exams based on the assessment tests by the Academic Department; a total GPA of 7 and above; ratings of “Completed” or higher for non-graded subjects; and a “Good” assessment of character and competence.

* Admission scores: Admission is determined by the enrollment quota and the assessment scores (ranking-based admission), which will be publicly announced.

– Grade 10 Admissions: Admission is conducted through a quality assessment organized by LHBS for three subjects: Math, Literature, and English (listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills). To be admitted, students must have an academic performance of “Good” or higher, and a conduct ranking of “Very Good” in grades 8 and 9.

* Admission is ranking-based, meaning students with the highest total scores in Literature, Math, and English will be accepted until the enrollment quota is filled. The admission score will be publicly announced to parents. 
– Grade 2 to 11 Admissions: Students must complete the first semester or the entire academic year at their current school, meet LHBS’ requirements for academic achievements, and pass the entrance exams conducted by LHBS for Math, Literature (for secondary grades) or Vietnamese (for primary grades), and English subjects.

* Primary Level: Test scores must be 7 or higher for graded subjects, and at the minimum, “Completed/Pass” for non-graded subjects and other assessments on manners and competencies. 

* Secondary and High School Levels: Academic performance: must be “Good” or “Very Good” and assessment of conduct must be “Very Good.”

Lac Hong Bilingual School is a Vietnamese school that follows the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education and Training. If, for any reason, a student needs to transfer schools, they can still enroll in other public or private schools.

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