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Mission, Vision

Our Mission

Empower students to reach their full potential in a modern learning environment that fosters innovation and collaboration, contributing to a thriving community of lifelong learners.

Our Vision

Deliver a high-quality education adhering to international standards. Cultivate strong minds and healthy bodies who become empowered citizens and contribute meaningfully to society.

Our Core values

Weaving Vietnamese culture, community, and social values into the fabric of our learning environment, we empower students to understand, apply, and embrace these core values through engaging, age-appropriate activities.

About Lac Hong Bilingual School

Established in 2011, Lac Hong Bilingual School offers a modern educational experience designed to unlock students’ full potential. Through innovative teaching methods and a commitment to excellence, we contribute to the advancement of education in our community.

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At LHBS, we celebrate each student’s unique dreams and talents. Our Learning Roadmap provides a solid foundation in academics, 21st-century skills, English proficiency, and essential values, fostering well-rounded Global Citizens. Beyond academic excellence, we understand the concerns of parents and offer a transparent International Roadmap that guides students toward success in their chosen fields, preparing them for future leadership roles.



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Safe full-day school environment, fostering independence

Thư viện trường Song ngữ Lạc Hồng – LHBS

Nurturing English and IT skills through cutting-edge, proactive learning methods

Experienced teaching staff

Holistic personal growth, leading to a defined career path


LHBS empowers students with essential skills for the 21st century, including foreign language communication, creativity through STEM education, and financial management, among others. We also unlock exciting opportunities for academic exploration and global development, such as the Dual Diploma Program. This program allows students to earn two high school diplomas: one accredited by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training and another from Advantages School International in the U.S., providing a direct pathway to American universities. Beyond academics, our summer study abroad programs offer unique opportunities for students to travel, learn, and grow, nurturing their aspirations.

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