Our STEAM program employs methods such as Project Based Learning, Flipped Classroom, Blended Learning, Game Based Learning, Design Thinking, 5E, 7E, and various modern approaches. Through STEAM, we transform children into budding scientists and entrepreneurs, fostering curiosity, creative problem-solving, and essential 21st-century skills that guide them toward a future in research and innovation.




Our unique STEAM Summer Camp program welcomes thousands of students each year.

Building scientific research skills, 21st Century skills, and career orientation

Weekly deep dives into thematic topics

Diverse learning adventures encompassing STEAM topics, skills, and sports foster the holistic development of students.


Expanded admission opportunities

Entertainment activities

Experiential learning activities

A comprehensive program tailored to various age groups, offering over 100 experiential activities and games

Extensive experience in organizing for hundreds of thousands of students in and around Ho Chi Minh City




1. Micro:Bit

2. Media

3. Hands-on

4. 3D Design

5. AI

6. Fashion Designer

Our STEAM program goes beyond merging knowledge from various subjects. Echoing the 21st-century focus on capabilities over rote learning, our STEAM program values the journey of critical thinking over the destination.

Our STEAM program comprises four levels, categorized by increasing levels of creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills. The Creative Challenge program is designed for levels 3 and 4. 

Time-efficient experiences

Integration of the new general education curriculum, STEAM skills, 21st-century competencies, and English language.

STEM Classrooms
Facilitating the development of innovative and creative thinking.
21st Century skills development and university preparation
Guidance in scientific research and entrepreneurship, Clean Energy Smart School, Strong Zone Projects

LHBS prioritizes continuous growth through annual investments in cutting-edge facilities, classrooms, labs, libraries, equipment, e-learning platforms, STEM classrooms, STEAM BOX, and a range of 21st-century programs. This dedication extends to our teachers, who benefit from an annual professional development program led by domestic and international experts – ensuring not only effective lesson delivery but also consistently outstanding learning outcomes for students.

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