Secondary school


At Lac Hong Bilingual School, we highly value integrity and respect for others. This fosters a learning environment where students strive to become responsible global citizens. Our ongoing mission is to continuously enhance education quality so that each student can develop holistically and become independent, contributing to a new generation of leaders.


Curriculum structure: A comprehensive 5-in-1 curriculum – a wide variety of courses covering culture fundamentals, enhanced English, physical education, art education, and skills development.

  • Adherence to the general education curriculum issued by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training

Following the framework set by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, the program’s content is curated, applying active learning methods to foster positive, proactive, and creative engagement through various learning formats. This approach helps students develop logical, creative, analytical, synthetic, practical, and presentation skills, and others.

Secondary and High School diplomas are issued by the Department of Education and Training of Dong Nai Province, adhering to the Vietnamese education system.

  • Bilingual education framework

In addition to the standard curriculum, students also study the Prepare and Complete Key textbooks from the University of Cambridge. This 3-in-1 course combines online English lessons, Cambridge English certificate exam preparation, and various science subjects. It provides students with extensive and diverse knowledge across multiple topics. Throughout this course, students are encouraged to speak English regularly, thereby refining their pronunciation and developing conversational fluency in various situations.

Leveraging the 24/24 English Central online learning program: Thanks to our exclusive program with Speech Recognition Technology TM, students can practice American standard pronunciation and maximize their communication skills through watching and listening to videos about practical situations. Students learn vocabulary and practice standard English pronunciation with continuously updated content from reputable sources like CNN, BBC, VOA (Voice of America), and National Geographic. Learning progress is accurately assessed through the program’s Learning Management System (LMS).

English Club for language enthusiasts: This communicative environment allows students to practice public speaking and debate in English, maximizing their potential as well as developing soft skills and creative thinking in their areas of interest such as: theater, mathematics, science, presentation skills, and more. 

After completing the secondary school program, students will be ready to obtain the internationally recognized KET and PET English certificates from the Cambridge Assessment English, University of Cambridge.

We also collaborate with trusted overseas education consultants to provide parents and students with information on education and scholarships for studying abroad in developed countries. This includes admission requirements for each school, which helps determine the best roadmap for each student, be it independently financed studying, scholarship hunting, or transnational education. 

  • Life skills education programs

    Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in real-life experiences, focusing on exploring, developing, and nurturing their core values, including: Respect, Compassion, Team Spirit, Confidence, Passion, Integrity, and National Pride.

    Secondary school students can also participate in clubs to unleash their talents or pursue their own passions and interests. Our clubs serve as a hub for all LHBS students sharing common interests, coordinated by our experts and experienced teachers. There’s something for everyone: from life skills to sports, arts, and so on.
  • STEM education

    Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses are designed for secondary school students to apply what they have learned in thematic projects. This nurtures curiosity, observation, resourcefulness, and creativity in students.

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