Secondary school


At Lac Hong Bilingual School, we act with honesty and treat others with respect, learning together to become responsible global citizens with the goal of always improving the quality of education. creating a comprehensive development for each student of the school, creating a spirit of independence, creating a new generation of students who can become leaders.


Program structure: 5-in-1 comprehensive program: foundation cultural program, intensive English program, physical education program, art education program and life skills education program

Knowledge standard training program of Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training

Teaching according to the framework curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training, program content is filtered, active learning methods are applied to promote students’ positivity, initiative, and creativity through different forms of learning. Helps children form logical thinking skills, creativity, analysis, synthesis, practice, presentation…

Middle and high school diplomas are issued by Dong Nai Department of Education and Training, according to the Vietnamese education system.

Bilingual Program

In addition to the standard training program, students also learn the Prepare and Complete Key curriculum of the University of Cambridge. This is a 3-in-1 curriculum, combining online English, Cambridge English certification exam preparation, and science subjects. Providing students with a broad and diverse amount of knowledge on many topics. Encourage children to practice speaking regularly, develop reflexes in different situations, and practice correct pronunciation.

Combining the English Central 24/24 online learning program: Exclusive program of voice recognition technology (Speech Recognition Technolohy TM); Helps students practice pronunciation with a standard American accent, supporting and maximally developing students’ communication skills by: Watching and Listening to actual video clips: Learning vocabulary – Practicing standard English pronunciation with rich material that is continuously updated from real sources such as CNN, BBC, VOA (Voice of America), National Geographic. Students are accurately evaluated through the program’s LMS (Learning management system)  system

English Club for students who love foreign languages: Create an environment of communication and eloquence and argumentation skills in English, through which students can maximize their talents, soft skills, and creative thinking according to their own standards. Individual areas of interest: Drama, Mathematics, Science, Presentation…

Completing the secondary school program, students receive international English certificates KET and PET issued by the Cambridge ESOL Examination Council of Cambridge University.

The school also cooperates with reputable study abroad consulting partners to provide and support parents and students with educational information, scholarship information for studying abroad from schools in advanced countries as well as conditions for studying abroad. Enroll students at each school to be able to provide appropriate orientation and learning path: self-funded study abroad, scholarship hunting, on-site study abroad.

  • Life skills program

    Experience and accumulate through practical activities, focusing on discovering, developing and nurturing students’ core values, including: Respect, Compassion, Fellow Spirit Team, Confidence, Passion, Integrity and National Pride.

    High school students can join clubs to develop their talents or pursue their own passions and interests. The club is a place for all LHBS students to share the same passion under the coordination of experts and good teachers. Clubs spread across many fields such as Skills, Sports, Arts, Fine Arts,…

  • STEM education

    STEM subjects stand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths for high school students, helping students know how to apply what they have learned into projects. by topic, nurturing children’s curiosity and discovery, while practicing observation, ingenuity, and creativity skills.

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