Education levels

Bilingual education framework

We maintain a standard class size of no more than 25 students per class, ensuring that quality remains a top priority. Our school pioneers a bilingual program for secondary and high school levels in Dong Nai. Presently, few schools in Bien Hoa City have native speakers directly teaching foreign languages to students, especially among private institutions. And this is what sets us apart. In addition to our dedicated Vietnamese teaching staff, our school is proud to boast a team of professional native English teachers. We are committed to ensuring that our students excel not only in school subjects but also master all the necessary foreign language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing to explore the world beyond. Our goal is to provide students with a solid foundation to facilitate their entry into universities, especially studying abroad after graduating from high school. 

Educational objectives

To maintain our position as a standardized educational institution in all aspects and meet all specified requirements, Lac Hong Bilingual School sets out to achieve the following educational objectives:

– Educate students for holistic development.

– Train students to be proficient in both English and Vietnamese.

– Foster students’ capabilities to excel in the official Exams for the Selection of Excellent Students at Provincial and National Levels. In addition, our bilingual students are well prepared for the English Olympics and Cambridge certificate exams.

– Ensure compliance with the standards of knowledge and skills set by the Ministry of Education and Training, with students excelling in language and cognitive development. Our school celebrates a 100% graduation rate with all students successfully entering universities and colleges.

Form of learning

Students attend two sessions per day, ensuring ample time for fundamental subjects. This approach is designed to take the time pressure off busy parents. Particularly, our full-day students receive meticulous care, including healthy meals and a reasonable schedule, allowing for more rest to refresh their minds for the next learning session.

Our full-week program is open to students aged 11 to 17, for both male and female students. Both male and female dormitories are managed directly by our residence supervisors. Residence supervisors are assigned on a gender basis: female supervisors for female students and male supervisors for male students. Our supervisors make sure every student feels supported, offering both academic guidance and a listening ear whenever needed.

Residence for full-day and full-week students

For parents, we understand the most important thing is knowing your children are in a safe and supportive environment. For students, finding a place to focus and thrive is key. Our expanded residence facilities are designed to meet these needs. We offer not only comfortable living spaces but also vibrant hubs for academic success and personal growth – a place where students can truly feel at home.

At our well-maintained residence, the common rooms are air-conditioned, with separate spaces for male and female students. We employ a professional kitchen staff to fuel students’ academic success with three high-quality, healthy meals every day. Our varied menus provide the perfect balance between nutrition and deliciousness.  

No more morning rushes! Our reliable transport system offers door-to-door convenience for busy families, with supervisors ensuring a safe and stress-free commute for your children. From text messages for regular updates to online school reports, fostering open communication, our teachers ensure parents stay informed and involved in their children’s academic success.

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