Summer Bridge Program: Grade 1 Readiness

How have you been preparing your child for grade 1? Does your child adapt well to a new learning environment? Understanding the anxieties parents face, Lac Hong Bilingual School offers the “Summer Bridge Program 2023: Grade 1 Readiness.”

Summer Bridge Program: Grade 1 Readiness is designed for students in the transition from Kindergarten to Primary School. This pivotal transition sees children embarking on a new learning journey, with adjustments in environment, methods, and how they engage with knowledge. Our Summer Bridge Program gently guides your child through the transition, equipping them with essential knowledge and skills for confident entry. Not only will they solidify key academic foundations, but they’ll also blossom through physical and talent development activities, culminating in an exciting outdoor excursion – a perfect send-off for their primary school adventure!

For more details on the program, please visit: E-BROCHURE SUMMER BRIDGE PROGRAM 2023_Final



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