Medical Care

LHBS’s on-campus clinics are dedicated to providing comprehensive health and medical care for students. In case of any health concerns while studying, students can rest and receive first aid assistance here. Beyond providing rest and first aid, LHBS’s on-campus clinics also serve as a hub for regular student health check-ups, addressing health-related queries, and assisting with insurance matters.

Lac Hong Bilingual School’s health clinics boast modern facilities and essential medical equipment, ensuring optimal healthcare for both students and teachers.

1. Facilities

  • Number of clinics: 02
  • Strategically located for convenient first aid, initial emergency care, and patient transport to higher-level medical facilities.

2. Medical staff in charge

  • Doctors: 3
  • Pharmacists: 1

3. Healthcare services at the clinics

3.1 First aid on the spot

First aid is the immediate and initial assistance provided to a person who is injured or suffering from an acute illness.

3.2 Regular health check-ups

To ensure the well-being of our students, LHBS collaborates with esteemed local healthcare institutions to organize comprehensive health check-ups at the start of each academic year. Through these comprehensive health check-ups, LHBS aims to promote early detection of common school-related conditions, including nearsightedness, spinal curvature, cardiovascular issues, tuberculosis, goiter, and others. 

  • For Kindergarten: Twice per academic year, once between each semester.
  • For Primary – Secondary – High School: once per year, typically in the middle of the academic year

3.3 Health insurance

  • We facilitate the mandatory registration of health insurance for all students as per Vietnamese regulations.
  • We facilitate the mandatory registration of health insurance for all students as per Vietnamese regulations.

*** Note

  • Students experiencing any health concerns must visit the health clinics for assistance.
  • Absences from regular classes, physical education, or other school activities due to health reasons require prior permission from the medical staff. Failure to obtain permission will result in the absence being considered unauthorized.
  • Supervisors are responsible for monitoring student attendance by collaborating closely with the health clinics.

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