Bus Service

Making sure your child gets to and from school safely and conveniently is our priority, which is why we offer bus services for all students, from Kindergarten through High School. The bus routes cover various main streets in Bien Hoa and are always accompanied by supervisors.

Pick-up: at designated points

LHBS designs personalized bus routes and convenient pick-up points each year, tailored to the specific needs of our student body. This ensures everyone gets a safe and efficient commute, based on their registered location and student numbers.

Throughout the school year, you can adjust your child’s pick-up point or opt out of the bus service. Simply do so through the admissions office before the 25th of each month, and they’ll guide you through the process.

1. Number of buses: 18

2. Bus routes include:

– Trang Bom.

– Ho Nai.

– San Mau Bridge.

– Trang Dai.

– Gas station 75.

– Lotte Mart.

– Tran Bien High School.

– Tam Phuoc Industrial Zone Gate.

– Shing Mark Hospital.

– Pegasus Residence (Long Binh Tan).

– Bien Hoa.

– An Hao

– Song Than Supermarket.

– An Binh Residence.

– Bon Nuoc.

– Political School in Dong Nai Province.

3. Maintenance, servicing, and cleaning schedule for buses:

– Maintenance and servicing are carried out according to the regulations of the passenger transport industry.

– Daily cleaning before students board the bus.

4. Bus disinfecting during the pandemic Once a week (on the weekends).

5. Supervisors, teaching staff closely monitor students to ensure safety: For added peace of mind, each bus has a dedicated teacher onboard, ready to lend a hand, especially to our youngest learners (Kindergarten and Primary grades).

6. More information: Keeping your child’s health a top priority, our buses are equipped with hand sanitizer and temperature checks during the pandemic.

We invest in top-notch student buses equipped with air conditioning and comprehensive insurance, ensuring optimal operation quality. Your child’s safety is in trusted hands. Our expertly trained drivers and dedicated supervisors maintain a watchful eye at every step, ensuring smooth boarding, alighting, and a worry-free journey. 

Peace of mind is just a tap away. Access your child’s schedule, including bus details and updates, through the convenient and secure ME application, your exclusive communication channel with LHBS.

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