Student Life

Learning environment

Located in Buu Long Residence, Lac Hong Bilingual School embodies the 21st-century education paradigm. Our optimized and modern facilities, meticulously designed and built to exceed safety and quality standards, provide the perfect environment for your child to thrive. From Kindergarten to High School, Lac Hong Bilingual School (LHBS) nurtures young minds with a comprehensive education. We go beyond academics, ensuring high-quality learning conditions, nutritious meals, and attentive healthcare. Experience the best Dong Nai has to offer for your child’s holistic development.

Lac Hong Bilingual School offers multi-level education from Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary School to High School.
Learning transcends textbooks in our classrooms. Fully equipped with air conditioning, large-screen TVs, and the latest ICT tools, our dynamic spaces facilitate engaging, tech-driven lessons that meet the rigorous standards of 21st-century education.
Specialized classroom - EC room caters to online classes for our Bilingual System.
The Kindergarten playground features artificial grass.
The outdoor sports and recreational area is spacious and well-ventilated.

Lac Hong Bilingual School understands the importance of a balanced education, where physical development plays a vital role.

A modern, technology-driven pool complex with separate zones for Kindergarten through High School students
A library offering a diverse reading choice for LHBS students
Fully equipped and modern full-day residence areas

Moreover, Lac Hong Bilingual School provides other services such as student bus services in Bien Hoa City and nearby areas; a School Counseling office to address student concerns and provide advice to both students and parents.

The dining hall, powered by an industrial kitchen, ensures food safety and hygiene requirements are met

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