Skills Development Courses

Skills Development Courses

At Lac Hong Bilingual School, we go beyond simply imparting knowledge. We embrace the global citizenship education framework for the 21st century by fostering a nurturing environment that cultivates talents, ignites passions, and equips students with essential life skills. This holistic approach empowers them to thrive and embrace their future with confidence.

Lac Hong Bilingual School’s recent semester saw a vibrant array of enriching activities offered through our HIGH SCHOOL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT courses. This diverse and engaging selection caters to a wide range of student interests, encouraging active participation and exploration.

From the athletic fields to the art studios, Lac Hong Bilingual School’s diverse range of subjects nurtures both body and mind. Our physical education program, encompassing soccer, basketball, badminton, volleyball, swimming, modern dance, and yoga, promotes not just physical fitness and perseverance, but also teamwork and coordination. In turn, our creative subjects, like painting, music, cooking, and mixology, ignite passions and transform each school day into a joyous adventure filled with color, melody, and flavor. For those seeking to sharpen their critical thinking skills, chess and media activities offer stimulating challenges and opportunities for reflection.

Tailored to individual talents and passions, our hands-on experiential learning programs are vibrant playgrounds where students not only expand their knowledge but also hone practical skills and solidify their understanding, ultimately blossoming into their authentic selves. Instead of a test-centric routine, attending school becomes a joyful journey of self-expression and meaningful engagement. Through diverse and engaging activities that cater to individual passions, students embark on a path of discovery, ultimately uncovering the true essence of happiness!

So, let’s take a look back at the skills development activities from the previous semester, shall we?

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