At Lac Hong Bilingual School, we highly value integrity and respect for others. This fosters a learning environment where students strive to become responsible global citizens. Our ongoing mission is to continuously enhance education quality so that each student can develop holistically and become independent, contributing to a new generation of leaders.

Introduction to Lac Hong Bilingual School's Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten program at Lac Hong Bilingual School is designed based on advanced learning and teaching methodologies to facilitate the holistic development of our young learners in physique, knowledge, and personality.

Adherence to the general education curriculum issued by Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training

Lac Hong Bilingual School’s Kindergarten program combines the standard curriculum outlined by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and international pedagogical innovations. Our curriculum focuses on children’s personal growth as well as the improvement of knowledge, social skills, and language proficiency.

Bilingual education framework.

Children learn to speak English with correct pronunciation and build up their vocabulary as they engage with their surroundings. Our native English teachers encourage children to use English confidently through learning activities and educational games. Learning sessions are thoughtfully arranged based on the developmental stage of each age group. This helps children thrive in both their native language and English. 

giáo dục kỹ năng
Life skills education programs

Extracurricular pursuits are seamlessly interwoven with our science and social education program. Every child has the space and freedom to develop their talents and express themselves emotionally and intellectually. Through life skills education activities, children cultivate positive thinking, teamwork, self-defense ability, and a profound appreciation for family, community, and society.

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