At Lac Hong Bilingual School, we act with honesty and treat others with respect, learning together to become responsible global citizens with the goal of always improving the quality of education. creating a comprehensive development for each student of the school, creating a spirit of independence, creating a new generation of students who can become leaders.

Introducing the Lac Hong Bilingual Kindergarten program

The preschool learning model of Lac Hong Bilingual School is built and applies the most advanced learning methods to help students develop comprehensively physically, knowledge and personality.

Knowledge standard training program of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam

The Preschool learning program at Lac Hong Bilingual School is built and integrated between the standard curriculum of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training and advanced international learning methods. The program content focuses on personal improvement, knowledge, social skills as well as enhancing children’s language development ability.

Bilingual program

Help children pronounce correctly and clearly right from the early stages and gradually enrich their English vocabulary related to the world around them and use English naturally and comfortably through learning activities. and have fun directly with foreign teachers. Classes are scientifically arranged and built based on the development level of each age group, helping children balance between traditional languages ​​and English.

giáo dục kỹ năng
Life skills education program

Extracurricular classes are enhanced and seamlessly integrated with the natural and social knowledge education program. Create the best conditions for each child to develop their talents and freely express their own emotions and thoughts. Through skills education activities, young people build positive thinking, teamwork ability, self-protection ability and love for family, community and society.

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