In the ever-evolving landscape of science and technology, fields like Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have become a global phenomenon. AI – Robotics isn’t just transforming sectors like finance, healthcare, and business, it’s now revolutionizing education. Seeing the immense potential of this transformative wave, Lac Hong Bilingual School is thrilled to integrate an AI – Robotics course into our curriculum.

Lac Hong Bilingual School’s cutting-edge AI – Robotics program, developed by the innovative minds at UBTech Group, is exclusively available in Vietnam through IPPG Company. To ensure the effectiveness and high quality of our AI – Robotics program, we have provided our teachers with comprehensive training sessions delivered by experts. This training equips them with the in-depth knowledge and mastery of tools needed to effectively teach this innovative subject.

Our primary school students will have the exciting opportunity to explore the world of robotics firsthand, getting hands-on with robot models and components, and discovering their practical applications. For older students, the exciting journey into the world of programming begins with the AI Alpha Mini robot. From servos to LEDs, sensors to controllers – our students will be navigating the tech-savvy universe with hands-on experience.

More than just acquiring knowledge, our AI-Robotics program fosters critical thinking and creative abilities while nurturing essential skills like teamwork and problem-solving. Equipped with not only cutting-edge technological knowledge but also vital soft skills, our students are empowered to build a solid foundation for their future.