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Awarding scholarships at middle and high school levels

The first day of the week was bustling, brightened by the joyful faces of 21 students when they were honored to be awarded scholarships by the school for their continuous efforts in studying and training to achieve excellent results in the semester. I – School year 2020-2021.

Awarding scholarships to encourage learning for middle and high school students has become an annual activity of Lac Hong Bilingual School. The activity aims to encourage and recognize their efforts, while also motivating them in their journey to reach their dreams.

Congratulations to all of you and hope that you will try harder in the journey ahead. Always be a good example in studying and a good child in the family, LHBS-ers. Very proud of Lac Hong Bilingual!

List of 21 Students receiving Scholarships:

01. Tran Phuong Anh – Class 6C

02. Dao Ngoc Thuy Van – Class 6G

03. Phan Thuy Lam – Class 6C

04. Hoang Mai Phuong – Class 7C

05. Tran Hoang Nguyen Thao – Class 7C

06. Le Ngoc Lam Quynh – Class 7C

07. Cao Anh Thu – Class 8C

08. Dao Quynh Giang

09. Nguyen Hong Ngoc Han – Class 8C

10. Nguyen Anh Quan – Class 9C

11. Nguyen Hoang Thuy Vy – Class 9E

12. Hai Yen Round – Class 10E

13. Phan Thien Nhu – Class 10E

14. Ninh Ngoc Han – Class 10F

15. Pham Ngoc Dan Vy – Class 10E

16. Pham Hoan Hao – Class 10F

17. Tran Nguyen Thao Nhi – Class 11E

18. Vu To Bao Quyen – Class 11E

19. Dang Thanh Trang – Class 12A

20. Truong Thanh Ngoc Minh – Class 12D

21. Nguyen Hoang Anh Thu – Class 12D

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