This summer, besides having fun and resting plans, Lac Hong Bilingual students took advantage of it to participate in the Summer Program – trying to learn a new skill, cultivating solid knowledge for the upcoming journey. With the theme “The Colors of Feeling”, the 2023 Summer program of Lac Hong Bilingual has added bright colors to your summer calendar with a series of exciting activities.

The students’ first week of participating in the Summer Course was heated up with exciting Teambuilding activities. Certainly the unfamiliar members of a class have become closer and understand each other better after the Teambuilding program. With the goal of creating a spirit of class cohesion, sportsmanship combined with physical training and dexterity, the teachers created an exciting playground for summer students from grade 2 to middle school. with games such as: Obstacle course, Fierce feet, Jumping the sack and throwing cans, Land boat racing,… requiring you to coordinate well together to bring home the prize.

For Preparatory class 1 – The program is specifically for those who have completed Kindergarten and are preparing to enter Grade 1. To increase confidence in knowledge and skills, the course has helped you get acquainted. with Math, Vietnamese, and English subjects integrated into fun activities. Besides, the field trip to Vietopia Amusement Park created conditions for you to experience miniature versions of the professions and have memorable memories with your friends and teachers. Clearly this program has helped the children “mature” a lot after just one summer!

For Summer classes from grades 2 to 9, you will not only be equipped with more knowledge for the new school year, but you will also be free to develop and express yourself through creative subjects such as AI. – Roboctics, Fun Science, MAA Art, Programming Information Technology… For comprehensive development, you are also given opportunities to hone your skills and exercise through experience sessions on the Art of Behavior, Exciting Teambuilding activities, dynamic physical sports.

For students from grade 2 to middle school, they had a trip to Long Khanh to learn about the beekeeping process at the Han Gon honey bee farm and visit the fruit garden. This activity not only improves children’s adaptability, but also helps them learn more interesting knowledge.

The summer program summary was held happily with impressive performances of music and aerobics. Besides, there are booths displaying MAA Art and fine arts with products created by the students themselves throughout the semester. Let’s look back at the Summer Program Summary day in the images below. See you again next summer. Now let’s prepare ourselves to start a new school year with lots of fun!!!

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